What's not to love about cartoons? From Calvin & Hobbes, to the Peanuts, to superhero comics of Superman and Spider-man, back to Looney Tunes. Cartoons have been my life since I was a baby. Until fourth grade, I wanted to be an inventor like Doc Brown, but I had no sense of mechanics or math or anything one would need to actual invent anything. But I drew everything. It was only a matter of time before I fully embraced my drawing. Since then I've created characters like Tick, cartoon T.C. & Jason, and countless others.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Paranormal Activity

I wonder how many people looking at this comic saw Paranormal Activity 2. The movie made 84 million dollars. And what happens in the movie? You spend minute after minute watching and waiting for a lamp to move. Nothing happens!

and nothing is happening in this comic. Seriously. There isn't some hidden joke. The joke is on anyone who spent the time staring at it wondering what the heck I did. I know putting the joke on the reader is not nice, but I giggled a little thinking about this one. 6 panels of nothing making fun of a movie that was an hour and a half of hardly anything. Either this is a really clever comic or lazy. either way, it's a reflection of the source material, so it's still a success.

I did have fun continuing this new, more detailed style. And also, I put some of the LOST numbers in the time code. So, I guess there is a little something in this nothing comic.

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