What's not to love about cartoons? From Calvin & Hobbes, to the Peanuts, to superhero comics of Superman and Spider-man, back to Looney Tunes. Cartoons have been my life since I was a baby. Until fourth grade, I wanted to be an inventor like Doc Brown, but I had no sense of mechanics or math or anything one would need to actual invent anything. But I drew everything. It was only a matter of time before I fully embraced my drawing. Since then I've created characters like Tick, cartoon T.C. & Jason, and countless others.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Twilight - Eclipse

The one thing I'm more tired of than this Twilight fad is making fun of this Twilight fad. What's left to say really? It's harlequin romance. It's pretty shoddy acting. It's a bland self absorb main character. Blah. Blah. Blah.

What I find most bothersome is that this is a gateway that leads nowhere. All these new fans of vampires and werewolves have stepped over the threshold of Geekdom, and what do they do when looking upon this world of possibilities and far superior tales? They turn their noses up to it still believing that they are better than all of it. Sorry girls, just 'cause your vampires sparkle in sunlight instead of bursting into the flames of damnation doesn't change the fact that they're still vampires. Nerd is nerd. So quit looking down on the culture you are now apart of. And nerds? Stop looking down on Twilight and start accepting the fact that it exists. How about instead of arguing over the flaws that it wears right on its sleeves (when it's actually wearing a shirt) and use it to guide these new travelers of the Geekdom to the corners of the Whedon-verse? Or Anne Rice? Or True Blood! Or pretty much anything else. Because mocking these people and their taste for tween literature isn't helping our cause. Nerds Unite!

Anyway, enjoy this week's comic.
T.C. 9-15-10

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