What's not to love about cartoons? From Calvin & Hobbes, to the Peanuts, to superhero comics of Superman and Spider-man, back to Looney Tunes. Cartoons have been my life since I was a baby. Until fourth grade, I wanted to be an inventor like Doc Brown, but I had no sense of mechanics or math or anything one would need to actual invent anything. But I drew everything. It was only a matter of time before I fully embraced my drawing. Since then I've created characters like Tick, cartoon T.C. & Jason, and countless others.

Monday, March 26, 2012

a tcomics update

Hey everyone!
Well, as you've noticed, the comics have not been coming as quickly as they have been in the past. I assure you it is not a laziness factor, it is an abundance of creative endeavors that have taken me from my drawing table and out into the world.

Over at The Rewatchmen, I have been performing movie snobbery 101 with fellow film geeks in a weekly podcast that has us re-reviewing old flicks. We discuss current movie news and have general discussing on cinema and TV. If you're into movies, this might just be your thing. You can even download the episodes and listen to them on you itunes or ipod.

Meanwhile, back in Wisconsin, I'm not waxing poetic about other people's films. No siree, I'm making movies. If you haven't watched some of the films I've been involved in with Firmament Films, click on The Videos link right here on the site, or better yet, go check out Firmament Films and like them on their facebook page.

The group has been hard at work. This June, we will be feature in an episode of PBS Milwaukee's The Director's Cut where we discuss the 48 Hour Film Project and our people's choice award winning short The Seven Year Wish, which I co-wrote and co-starred.

Then, coming down the pipe, we have three projects I wrote and directed: Significant, a sci-fi thriller, Cold Charlie, a war drama, and Plans Change, a short-short that is so much story in such a short time, you simply won't believe.

And finally, in addition to Firmament Films, I wrote and co-star in Relish, a thriller that gave me a chance to do some interesting acting.
If you'd like a sneak peek at all of these upcoming films, go visit Candace Ostler Illustration. The lovely Candy has made the posters for most of these flicks, and she is quite the talented lady.

So folks, I hope you understand the lack of artwork these days. I give you my promise, there are plenty more coming. I just need a moment to breath and get back to the drawing board.

Although, I may have other things keeping me busy before that happens...

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